Hello, and I hope you are doing well.
I have a new podcast, CHARISMA MAGIC, launching soon and I am now setting up interviews for the various episodes. I have a system of production using schedule once that makes the process very easy to understand, and I do lots of editing to make sure you sound as great as possible. I also allow you, and even encourage you, to promote yourself with links to your sites.
So, what is it I am looking for on the podcast? I am looking for trainers, coaches, entertainers, public speakers, in short anyone who can give words of wisdom to the audience on how to be more charismatic. I want the audience to feel better about themselves and understand that they can take steps to be more charismatic in their life. I want to dispel the notion that people are born charismatic, and let them know it is a skill you can learn. I want them to be entertained.
I break this interview into several sections on the podcast.  I will need background information on you so that I can introduce you to the audience. Don’t be shy, because I will not be in making you look good, my friend. Next we will discuss being charisma and how important it is to learn this skill, and reveal steps you use to make yourself more appealing to the public. The last section is where we talk about you and what you can offer everyone.
If interested in setting up an interview please follow this link to get started. If you have questions, be sure to send me a reply.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Again go here to sign up for an interview

Johnny Ray

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